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What to bring with you when you come in to pick up your unit?

When you are ready to sign contracts / pick up your unit, please bring with you the following items:

    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Personal Cheque from the account you would like your payments to come from or if you do not have a personal cheque, a Pre-Authorized debit form – Which must bear a stamp of your financial institution.
    • Insurance Confirmation (If applicable)

Lifestyles Financial Services: Call 1-866-967-4760, Fax 1-866-967-2781 or email us at credit@lfservices.ca

Interest Rates

We have a wide range of interest rates available to suit your exact needs. We understand spending your hard earned money should be easy and comfortable, which is why we have so many options on fixed / variable rates. Our mission is to find you the best possible rate and build a loan with you.

Payment Deferrals

Payment deferrals are subject to applicable units, and are available On Approved Credit.

What types of products can be financed?

Motorcycles (both on and off road), ATV’s (including side x side), Snowmobiles, Scooters, Boats, Motors, Recreational Vehicles, Generators, Extended warranties, Power Equipment, and Large Repair Bills.

Are our loans open? Is there any penalty when making extra payments?

All of our loans are 100% fully open – they can be paid out at anytime without penalty.

Do we have solutions for customers with derogatory credit history?

As a broker, we have access to a number of different lending sources that can accommodate all types of credit issues. Our experienced team of finance specialists can work with you to find and build a loan that works.

What length of term do most clients take there loans out for?

Most clients take the loan out for the longest term possible, all of our loans are open so you can pay them out at any time without penalty.

Loan Payout

We understand you may have questions...

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